I got this error when try to run my code

=> "Value of type 'DismissAction' has no member 'wrappedValue'"

i was trying to learn to how go back to previous root without using back button of navigation bar because i planned to remove it but when i tried my code it doesn't run.

@Environment(\.dismiss) var presentationMode

    var body: some View{

        .frame(width: 150, alignment: .leading)

thank you


If you want to use presentationMode.self.wrappedValue.dismiss(), you have to declare your @Enviroment as @Environment(\.presentationMode).

This error occurred because you are using the wrong type of dismiss().

Also, you could achieve this dismissing in a simpler way by using (\.dismiss) type instead:

  @Environment(\.dismiss) var dismiss //modified
  var body: some View {
    Button("dismiss") {
        dismiss() //modified


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