I can read the complete CNC program of a remote machine to a byte buffer with a third party dll. After that I have to read the byte buffer line by line and transfer it to a string array.(I don't want to write the program to a file, I want to show the program lines line by line in my Blazor page)

I have written following code, where I read the complete buffer into one string. But I cannot split it to lines. How can I do that? I should normally read the CNC program for example like:

G0 G603






But my code is reading the CNC program as one line.

G0 G603 AAA: Z=IC(-50) Z=IC(50) GOTOB AAA M30

public Int32 doNCK_CopyFromNCAlloc(Int32 connnr, Int32 timeout, string path, out string  CNC_File_Out)
        Int32 result = 0;
        Byte[] buff = null;
        Int32 bufflen = 0;
        String filename = path;
        CNC_File_Out = "";
        result = AGL4.NCK_CopyFromNCAlloc(connnr, filename, out buff, out bufflen, timeout);

     if (result == 0)
            b = buff;             
            parameter_value_string = BitConverter.ToString(b, 0);
            parameter_value_string_UTF8 = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetString(b);
            CNC_File_Out= parameter_value_string_UTF8.Replace("\0", string.Empty);
        Return_Read_CNC_File = result;
        return result;

Update-1 (The byte output is like)



Simply reading the bytes will give you the desired string including Windows system newline:

CNC_File_Out = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(buff, 0, buff.length);

No need for BitConverter.ToString() and replacing a null-terminator.


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