I have an app with 2 main modules, web and admin.

Admin declares

  providers: [
      provide: DISPLAY_LIFE_TOKEN,
      useValue: 6000,

and web declares the same token with useValue: 10000.

Both modules contain a route and components that use a service with providedIn: 'root', that imports the token DISPLAY_LIFE_TOKEN.

Yet in the service, the config value is always 10000 even when calls come from the admin module.

See demo.

Did i misunderstand something about injectionTokens and providers, or is there another preferred way to set a module wide config?


Services are singleton in Angular.

The only way around this is lazy loading. This ensures a separate instance is created for services provided in the lazy module.

Remove providedIn: 'root', from the service. Add the service to both module providers array.

  providers: [
      provide: DISPLAY_LIFE_TOKEN,
      useValue: 6000,

And update the router module to use lazy loading:

      path: 'admin',
      loadChildren: () => import('./admin/admin.module').then(m => m.AdminModule),
      path: 'web',
      loadChildren: () => import('./web/web.module').then(m => m.WebModule),

(since this moves the path from admin module to app module, do not forget to also update the route in the admin module).



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